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Liberty Leaders Learn Beauty of Kids Helping Kids

Liberty Leaders Learn Beauty of Kids Helping Kids

When Liberty ECS second-grader Brogan Huxel heard about the tornadoes that struck Dawson Springs, Kentucky last month, he was immediately reminded of the question his counselor, Dana Hallgarth, had posed to him and his fellow Liberty Leaders in their preparation for Random Acts of Kindness Week. “What does it mean to be kind?” she had asked, challenging the group to lead a project in their school.

Brogan immediately went to work on a letter suggesting he and his classmates collect books, toys and games to cheer up the kids who lost everything to the tornado. The idea spiraled into a full-blown drive that they together named “Kids Helping Kids.” 

“Our job is to spread kindness to people who need it most,” reflected Gavin Mayo, a fellow Liberty Leader, while surrounded by his teammates who reflected on their group’s year-round mission. 

“We’re role models for others,” Gavin added. “Don’t tease or judge people,” added another, followed by reflections like kindness is more than a one-time thing. “You have to treat people kindly all the time,” said Darcy Green. 

The group produced and shared this video to encourage their classmates to get involved. They also decided to expand the project’s footprint by inviting their neighbors at VanGorden Elementary to join the cause, too. Their goal: To put at least one toy and a handwritten note from one kid to another into the hands of each of the 275 students in Dawson Springs.

Hallgarth added that while she learned that the family had received assistance with their basic needs immediately following the disaster, she learned that students returning to school were struggling with the trauma they had experienced. “Hopefully this is a bright spot for them,” she said.

New or gently used board games, card games, cars/trucks, puzzles and board games can be dropped off at Liberty through the end of February. They are also accepting new dolls or stuffed animals. Questions can be directed to

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